Victoria Paterson 
Classical Soprano

Charity Work

World Thrombosis Day

Victoria is an official partner for World Thrombosis Day, a global movement that raises awareness of Thrombosis, that causes the world's 3 top cardiovascular killers -heart attack, stroke and venous thromboembolism (VTE),
in 2014 Victoria suffered a VTE and now actively raises awareness of this serious condition.
Cancer Research

Victoria is an active fundraiser for the registered charity Cancer Research. 
Thrombosis UK

Victoria is an active fundraiser for the registered charity Thrombosis UK.
Ernest George White Society

Victoria is delighted to announce that she has recently become an official council member for this vocal society.
In the late nineteenth century, E.G. White lost his voice because of the teaching methods at a London music school. As a result, he devised what we now know as White's Technique, a new way of using and developing the voice safely.
The technique can help with vocal problems such as damaged vocal cords, chronic sinus congestion, and even stammering.  It's a holistic technique and promotes general health and well-being.